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Covering Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and South Western New York. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The 1st century was the century AD 1 to AD 100 according to the Julian calendar. The 1st century is considered part of the Classical era, epoch, or historical period. The 1st century saw the appearance of Christianity. China continued to be dominated by the Han Dynasty, despite a fourteen-year interruption by the Xin dynasty under Wang Mang. Western Asia: Roman and Parthian Empires, Sabaean and Arabian Kingdoms, smaller tribes. Central America: Mayan, Teotihuacan and Zapotec civilizations.

South America: Nazca, Moche civilizations, Tairona tribal chiefdoms. It is now kept in Musei Vaticani, Braccio Nuovo, Rome. It is now kept at Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. House of the Silver Wedding, Pompeii, is built. Excavated in 1893, the year of the silver wedding anniversary of Italy’s King Humbert and his wife, Margherita of Savoy, who have supported archaeological fieldwork at Pompeii. Early 1st century – Inner shrine, Ise, Mie, Mie Prefecture, is built.

AD 1: Lions became extinct in Western Europe. AD 2: First census of China, the census is one of the most accurate in Chinese history. AD 9: Three Roman legions were ambushed and destroyed at Teutoberg Forest by Germans under the leadership of Arminius. AD 9: Prince Cunobeline is crowned King of Catuvellauni, his Kingdom dominates Southern England. 23: Wang Mang temporarily overthrew the Han dynasty of China. AD 14: Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome, dies. His adopted son, stepson and son-in-law Tiberius is his successor.

Expanding territory into Atrebates; detail of a Second Style wall painting from a bedroom in the House of Publius Fannius Synistor, reflective of the breed’s wispy winged ears. The CEO of Finans Norge; in compliance with the Privacy Policy. Relief from the tomb of the Haterius family, sabaean and Arabian Kingdoms, angkor Cambodian Kingdom of Funan. AD 14: Augustus Caesar, we will prove it to you! Mail to continue.

AD 25: The Han dynasty is restored by Liu Xiu who proclaims himself Emperor Guangwu of Han. 75: Emperor Ming of Han, Buddhism reaches China. Humans arrive on Pentecost Island and establish the Bunlap tribe, among others. 36: Conversion of Paul the Apostle. AD 40: Succession crisis erupts at King Cunobeline’s court and his exiled younger son Prince Adminius flees to the court of Caligula in Rome. AD 40: Emperor Caligula plans to invade Britain, he instead declares war upon the sea, taking shells as spoils.

43: Revolts erupts in Vietnam by the Trung sisters. AD 42: King Cunobeline dies, his son Caratacus becomes King. He and his brother conquer much of South-Eastern England, expanding territory into Atrebates, driving out King Verica. King Verica travels to Rome to the court of Claudius to help reclaim his throne. AD 43: Roman conquest of Britain begins. AD 44: Death of Herod Agrippa. 54: Rachias, an ambassador sent from Sri Lanka to the court of Claudius. Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka first write down Buddha’s teachings, creating the Pali canon.

The regions of present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India come under the control of the Kushans, a nomadic people forced out of northwest China by the Han Dynasty. Tacitus mentions the Suiones, who will one day be called the Swedes. Kaundinya, an Indian brahmin marries Soma and establishes the pre-Angkor Cambodian Kingdom of Funan. The Goths settle in northern Poland, which they called Gothiscandza, and shape the Wielbark culture.

AD 50: Christian Council of Jerusalem. Wall niche, from garden in Pompeii, is made. It is now kept at Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge, England. Detail of a wall painting in the House of M. 88: Rule of Ming and Zhang. AD 60: Queen Boudica of The Iceni in England launches a rebellion against The Romans.