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Nissan frontier pickup

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Here at The Drive, we care about pickups. What’s more, we care about usable and affordable pickups that are built to work. That’s why we’ve always had a soft spot for the Nissan Frontier, even in its old age. We’ve seen alleged leaked images before, but to ease our worries and lower our collective blood pressure, Nissan finally put out an official teaser showing the mighty midsizer creeping through the shadows. As it turns out, it’s real and will most certainly be coming to market with fresh styling, a class-leading V6, and better-than-ever work capacities. The clearest look offered of the Frontier shows a silhouette and light signature similar to that leaked image we saw a week or so ago. Its shape is undoubtedly boxy and its front-end is rigid and angular, though a bit more subdued in comparison to the supposed Nismo model we peeped before. That’s alright—not every truck has to be so wildly outspoken.

In Nissan’s teaser, the automaker parked the 2021 Frontier next to an Armada SUV, which is helpful for the sake of size comparisons. The truck is obviously smaller, though it looks to have grown a tad from the previous generation. Sadly, there’s no Titan in the video to give it a true, truck-to-truck mock-up. We’ll be left waiting until Nissan officially unveils the 2021 Frontier sometime later this year, likely through some sort of virtual conference. In the meantime, we’re digging for information to see what we can find out about the upcoming midsize pickup meant to put Detroit’s Big Three, as well as the class champion Toyota Tacoma, on notice. The first all-new Frontier in over 15 years is coming—is this our first look? It’s got more horsepower than any other mid-size pickup.

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Nissan discontinued it in their home market with no replacement afterwards, 1A brand of Dongfeng Motor Co. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, archived from the original on 4 May 2012. The new truck has a fully boxed ladder frame. 4X Crew Cab model; with a fully boxed ladder frame. While we know the new Frontier arrives for the 2021 model year, frontier ready to drive into the distance.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I cover luxury automotive, motorcycles and related topics. This pace of development is glacial, especially in a segment as freshly competitive as the mid-size pickup truck class, where the second-generation Frontier lives. Which kind of messes up the strategy of this transitional Frontier, if the idea is to catapult the Nissan pickup into the lead, or at least into the center, of the midsize pickup conversation. One of the virtues of the Frontier has been price. Of course, Frontier has more to offer than just a new engine and transmission. Built in Canton, Mississippi, Frontier is a solid truck, with a fully boxed ladder frame. Thanks to periodic facelifts during this second-generation run, the truck is good-looking and pleasantly fresh.

My test vehicle was a PRO-4X Crew Cab model, and had a nice stance thanks to the slight lift from the trim level’s Bilstein Off-Road High Pressure Shocks and 16-inch Off-Road Design alloy wheels. 8-inch color touchscreen display at the top of the center stack, standard on PRO-4X, is smaller than the screen on my smartphone, and proved challenging to use as a visual aid for navigation. The truck has earned a reputation as a workhorse. During a quick search of used car sales sites, I found dozens of good-looking examples with over 200,000 miles on the clock, and even some with over 300,000 miles that looked ready-to-drive. Even though I like the improved power and efficiency of the new engine, my recommendation would be either wait for the 2021 Nissan Frontier and see how it’s changed, or search for a leftover or a lightly used 2019 Frontier on a dealer’s lot rather than buying a 2020 Nissan Frontier. Frontier ready to drive into the distance.