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Forester camper

This article is written by Benjamin Perri. Check out the first part of Benjamin’s journey to travel to 28 national parks in search of the best running trails, here. Dusting myself off and fedora firmly planted on my head, my plan became crystal clear. A strategy was formulated, gear lists created, and a route planned. It would have to have plenty of storage, a comfortable sleeping area, forester camper a little more toughness.

It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. And with that firmly in mind, I thought about my life and how true that statement is. Why should this build out be any different? So, I forged on, by myself, with nary a carpentry skill in my repertoire. Not only will this journey to the Parks test me mentally and spiritually, it will also test my ingenuity.

T and so far, so good. They were fairly new to the market, but Continental has a ridiculous reputation as being reliable. I also installed a two-inch lift kit from Anderson Design Fabrications. Two inches up front and a tad under three inches in the rear due to weight. A new battery from Odyssey and a skid plate to protect the oil pan from Primitive Racing. Next, was to plan the buildout of the interior. The rear seats were fully removed to give more space for storage. Then came the measurements and brainstorming.

For those of you without tools, HD will cut wood to your specifications. This service was nothing short of a miracle and just like that, I had all the pieces to the puzzle. Pendleton blanket to make it cozy as heck. There isn’t a ton of headroom to sit up fully but I can prop myself up to read, or work, or just lounge. The memory foam mattress is half the width of the full platform. Since this is a solo trip, I wanted more storage. There is a crate that I fashioned into a book and computer storage center next to where I sleep. OUR MISSIONTo create, curate, and share the most comprehensive and inspiring van life adventures.