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DS is an office for landscape architecture. Our working field varies from large-scale landscapes to public spaces. With our designs we ds architecture new landscapes for everything that lives! We make landscapes for people, plants and animals. The three pillars of our work are biodiversity, anchoring and innovation.

Our plans are robust, they stand the test of time. Biodiversity is central to our designs. Nature gives us what we need: food, medicine, clean air, shade and a better environment. All species, including plant and animal species, keep each other in balance. The more species, the better this is for the quality of our existence.

That is why preserving and increasing biodiversity is of great importance. In our projects we ensure that habitats for plants and animals are safeguarded and where possible improved. This creates continuity: past and present merge in the plans for the future. Anchoring is connecting with existing networks of, among other things, ecology, infrastructure and water. A good design is therefore specific and unique. Innovation is the smile in the process. Because without innovation no development and without development no progress.

We come to the table when change is desired, innovation is in our blood. That is why we are constantly looking for the smartest design proposals. First Guide to nature inclusive design Landscape architecture is the profession of designing with urban ecosystems. It’s time for architects and urbanists, commissioners and the building industry to join in, because nature inclusive design leads to better quality of life for all beings. Urban ecosystems are extensive and improving them is a complex task. But many small projects together do have a positive impact. Create landscape first and then build! 12 years long planning and building process of Park Brederode.

The project is a clear example of this attitude, where the landscape design works as a framework for both urbanization pattern and architecture. After 100 years of park manipulation, today’s landscape merges back into the dune landscape. The main landscape intervention is the extension of the dunes and the new creek at its feet. World Forum World Forum is a part of the international institutions zone that works together for peace and justice. The aim of the design was to create a public space that stitches all institutions together. The dune scenery of the World Forum matches the international image of the Hague as a Green city by the sea.

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The historical context and the scenic beauty of a dune landscape became the leading design principles that gave a recognizable identity to the public space. Willem Alexander Park The Willem Alexander park is located on top of the A2 motorway. It is designed as a ridge along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal, that connects city with the surrounding landscape. The park is an important stepping stone in the local ecological network and a hot spot for migratory birds. The artificial nesting possibilities and animal passages under the roads welcome animals into the park. All photos, plans and renders of projects on Landezine are property of a photographer or landscape architects mentioned within a specific project presentation. For ideas you haven’t yet thought of.

For possibilities you haven’t even imagined. On paper, we are architects, designers, illustrators, and technology specialists. But in reality, we are translators, problem solvers, and advocates for inspired design, successful relationships, and the creation of value. How do you wish to live? What is your definition of quality? Because we are a hands-on firm, our principals are involved in every aspect of your project design.

Green Designhealth, practicality, optimizationHDS employs energy-saving tactics and green design, working with end-users to help improve building operations, maintenance, and occupant satisfaction. DS architecture office was founded in 2007 by Ellen Depoorter and Jeroen De Schrijver in New York. The office has a holistic approach to architecture and design. The experience of the user, the connection to the local context and the impact on the environment are at the basis of each project.