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Please Feel Free To Contact Us To See If We Service Your Area. How hard can this be to replace? But add in the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, landfill fees, tilers, and a plumber, and the total cost of the job has increased drastically. We will save you time, money and have your bathroom looking brand new in just a matter of hours. Don’t Let Cheaper Prices Fool You! Getting a cheaper refinishing company to do a job can actually cost you more money in the long run. Many cheaper pricing refinishers take shortcuts, As we have done our research on all or our competition we feel we offer the best prices for quality of work and material used. We will also price match any company that is bathtub, bonded, and insured.

We do not price match to unlicensed contractors who do not pay workers compensation or have liability insurance. We offer information regarding the material and equipment being used in your home. You are paying for the work and should know what chemicals are being used. Some companies may consider the material a trade secret but all of us in the industry know that the information is out there for everyone and should be freely available to the customer. Most other companies use materials with isocyanates which are toxic and should definitely be avoided.

All of our refinishers are experienced technicians. We have full control and responsibility of our technicians. We are fully Licensed with the state of Florida. We are not painters claiming to be reglazers and we are not a general contractor claiming to reglaze. We pride ourselves in giving personal attention. Our Reglazing Technicians are courteous and professional.

We don’t just say we care, we show it. Our training, professional equipment, quality control and experienced staff is why our team has gotten so many positive reviews from our clients, with their Super Service Award, we are regarded by many as industry experts. We offer the industry standard 5-Year Warranty on our work. If you come across a company that says they give a 1 year warranty or 2 year warranty, then they are telling you that the material will peel. If you come across a company that is telling you a 10 year or lifetime warranty then it is just a sales pitch. The industry standard is a 5-Year Warranty. We pride ourselves in the quality of work we perform. Contents – First Ladies – Classroomhelp.

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